Q: Why is Virus Score better than an antivirus program?
Virus Score allows you to scan files before you download them (using our scan a download link feature). We also scan files against multiple antivirus scanners providing you with the best possible result. Between these two factors Virus Score can be a better alternative to a traditional virus scanner.
Q: Virus Score said a file was clean, but I think it's infected how can I fix that?
First of all you can leave a comment and downvote the file on the scanning results page. That will help other users know your thoughts and will help catch the issue faster. Secondly you're free to send us a copy of the file for more indepth analysis and to periodically have it rescanned for updated results.
Q: Can I use your service for my company or for our email server?
Absolutely. Feel free to contact us for more information on how to integrate with our API and how to create custom company portals.
Q: I love your service. What can I do to support you?
Well if you love it you should definitely share it with your friends and family. Secondly we encourage you to create an account with us to help other users enjoy our site as much as you do.
Q: I hate your service and want to complain. Who do I contact?
We love feedback of all kinds. Feel free to contact us by clicking here.
Q: Can I still get a virus if I use Virus Score?
While Virus Score does provide more accurate virus scans than a single antivirus program we can't be sure that any given file is a virus. New viruses are created every day, but by using Virus Score you're less likely to get a virus.